During this unprecedented time, the Town’s role is to maintain the health and well-being of the community while providing permitting services that are in compliance with the Contra Costa Health Order (the “Order”).  Certain projects and activities are allowed, within constraints, as long as social distancing practices are utilized.  In addition, the Order specifically defines certain projects as Essential Infrastructure (Section 10c) and is therefore authorized to be submitted and processed.  As such, the Town will continue to provide public works inspection services for Essential Projects as defined by the Order.

The Engineering Program provides engineering support to various Town operating departments and is responsible for the administration and implementation of the following:

  1. Capital Improvement Program

    Comprehensive listing of planned capital improvement projects.
  1. Clean Water Program

    Reducing pollution of stormwater before it enters our creeks.

  1. Pavement Management Program

    Maintenance and repair of our roadways.