Bicycle Master Plan


Danville is currently developing a Bicycle Master Plan, which will serve as a vision and comprehensive long-range plan focused on supporting and enhancing bicycle policies and infrastructure improvements within the Town.


  • Evaluate existing conditions and identify the needs of all cyclists;
  • Develop a short and long-range priority list of improvements that enhance bicycling safety;
  • Provide policy recommendations to enhance and strengthen the goals and policies of the 2030 Town of Danville General Plan;
  • Reinforce Danville’s importance as a regional destination by providing a bicycle network consistent with other local and regional plans; and
  • Provide a mechanism to position the Town for grant opportunities.


The project website includes an online interactive community input map designed to allow the public to identify priority destinations for biking, routes they would like to see enhanced, and similar feedback. 

The map also allows users to comment on input from other users, allowing for a dialogue between residents.