Active Transportation


Active transportation is travel powered by human energy, including walking, biking, or rolling (rollerblading, riding a push scooter, skateboarding, or in a wheelchair). Active transportation as a great way to travel not only for recreational purposes, but also for day-to-day transportation needs. 

Active transportation can provide many benefits to both individuals and the community and has been shown to:

1. Enhance the physical and mental health of individuals;

2. Provide additional mobility options for getting around independently;

3. Improve the neighborhood livability and community quality of life;

4. Lower the transportation costs for individuals, families, and communities; and

5. Help the community do it’s part in addressing a number of state and regional environmental challenges related to air, energy, noise, and water pollution.

Town-wide Bicycle Master Plan

In 2020, the Town began development of a Townwide Bicycle Master Plan, funded by the Contra Costa Measure J Transportation for Livable Communities program.  The plan was developed with extensive public input through virtual workshops and an online webtool that helped develop recommendations for new bicycle projects and programs that will shape the future of cycling in Danville.  The plan was adopted by the Town Council on July 6, 2021. 

To view more information about the Townwide Bike Master Plan and ask your questions visit Danville Town Talks.

Electric Bicycle Rebate Program

Buy a new e-bike and apply for a cash rebate of $150-$300! Rebates are reserved for adult (18+) residents of each city and unincorporated area of the county and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, one per household until funding is exhausted.

Bicycle Advisory Commission

The Bicycle Advisory Commission advises the Town Council and Town staff on the implementation of the Town’s Bicycle Master Plan and matters related to the conditions, operation, and safety of bicycle facilities and other non-motorized forms of transportation. Learn more about the commission and meetings.