Active Transportation

Below is a map of Danville's bike routes, paths, lanes, and trails.

Green Bike Lane

Danville encourages and promotes active transportation (travel powered by human energy) as a great way to travel not only for recreational purposes, but also for day-to-day transportation needs. Active modes of transportation typically include: walking, biking, or rolling (rollerblading, riding a push scooter, skateboarding, or in a wheelchair).

Active transportation can provide many benefits to both individuals and the community and has been shown to:

1. Enhance the physical and mental health of individuals;

2. Provide additional mobility options for getting around independently;

3. Improve the neighborhood livability and community quality of life;

4. Lower the transportation costs for individuals, families, and communities; and

5. Help the community do it's part in addressing a number of state and regional environmental challenges related to air, energy, noise, and water pollution.