Online Permit / Inspection Services

Applying for a permit electronically

The Online Permit Center (using the Citizen Access Portal) allows citizens to search permits and other activities 24/7. Owners and contractors may also check the status of their permit applications and the results of inspections. Licensed contractors and residents may apply for permits utilizing this portal. Click below to navigate to the online portal.

How To Instructions:

Before navigating to Online Permit Center on the Citizen Access Portal website (OPC,CAP), please fill out the appropriate Permit Application Form listed below. The information requested on the forms will aid in the online application.

Apply for a Permit Online

Danville Waste Tracking

This web site is the portal into the Town’s C&D Waste Management system to track and report waste management compliance on permitted construction. It utilizes Green Halo System’s waste tracking software.

Danville Connect

Danville Connect 

The Town of Danville offers residents a tool called Danville Connect that makes it easy to submit non-emergency requests for service. With this tool, residents can submit, track and view nearby service requests through their smartphones as well as online.

The Danville Connect mobile app, which is available in the Apple iTunes app store and the Android Google Play store, is full of features allowing citizens to report such things as potholes, illegal dumping, abandoned vehicles, graffiti, malfunctioning streetlights or signals, and other neighborhood issues. The reports are sent directly to the appropriate Town department. Residents can see a map of all requests and the status of each one.