Pavement Management Program

The Town maintains approximately 323 lane miles of public streets. The Town's Pavement Management Program strives to make the most effective use of our resources to preserve and upgrade the overall condition of our streets. We use various methods to rehabilitate streets. We apply resources where they will have the most impact with the primary goal being the preservation of our streets and betterment of our community.

Pavement condition index 

The Town uses a Pavement Management Program called StreetSaver that was developed by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) based on asset management concepts that help identify cost‐effective strategies for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation.

StreetSaver is used to systematically organize and analyze inspection data to determine the condition of our street pavement. As part of this program the Town is required to regularly inventory the condition of the streets and assign each a rating from 0 to 100. This rating is referred to as the Pavement Condition Index (PCI). Currently, the Town's streets have an overall network PCI rating of 81, which is considered "Good to Excellent" condition rating. All Bay Area cities wishing to be eligible for federal and state grants for pavement projects must have a Pavement Management Program in place.


Slurry Seal Construction
City Equipment Doing a Pavement Overlay
Pavement Grinding at Osage Station South Parking Lot