Design Awards

2024 Design Awards

Design Awards (2)The Town of Danville is seeking nominations in four different categories for the 2024 Design Awards. The awards are evaluated by members of the Danville Design Review Board and highlight examples of outstanding architectural design in the Town of Danville. Nominations are due November 30. MORE INFO

2020 Design Awards

The 2020 Design Awards highlight examples of outstanding architectural design in the Town of Danville.  

Nominations were sought in the categories of:

  • Outstanding Residential Subdivision Home Design 
  • Outstanding Heritage Resource Design
  • Outstanding Commercial Design

The Design Awards Committee, made up of Design Review Board (DRB) members Mark Belotz, Robert Combs, Afshan Hamid, Lou Palandrani, Chris Trujillo, and Kevin Wong reviewed nominations which were solicited from the public, the Committee members, and Town staff. Once the DRB came to a decision, their recommendations were forwarded to the Danville Town Council for consideration and determination of the Design Award winners.

Winner of Outstanding Residential Subdivision Home Design 2020

Whispering Creek Lane (PDF)

82, 83, & 88 Whispering Creek Lane

Architect: Mark Gross & Associates, Inc.
Developer: The Address Company

Owner: Nicolas Brousse, Julie Lee - 82 Whispering Creek Lane 
Owner: Kathleen O'Toole, Mathew Miszewski - 83 Whispering Creek Lane
Owner: Sandra Ann Morris - 88 Whispering Creek Lane

House on Whispering LaneHouse on Whispering LaneHouse on Whispering Creek Lane in Danville

Winners of Outstanding Heritage Resource Design 2020

Austin Root House (PDF)

120 West Linda Mesa - Austin Root House 

Architect: William Wood Architects
Builder: Murphy Generation Builders Inc.
Owner: Linda Mesa Properties LLC, John Mederos

Austin Root House

James Root House (PDF)

90 Railroad Avenue - James Root House 

Architect: ORR Design Office
Builder: R&J Construction
Owner: Craig Chase

James Root House

Winner of Outstanding Commercial Design 2020

Cocina Hermanas (PDF)

501 Hartz Avenue - Cocina Hermanas 

Architect: Arcflux Studio
Builder: Soria Construction
Owner: 501 Hartz Avenue Group LLC, Darren Matte

Cocina Hermanas