When considering to build or remodel residential units, first review the requirements needed for your project.  

Steps to Secure a Permit

  1. Review your zoning and setback requirements to understand where you can build.
  2. Work with the Planning and Building Division to know what type of review process applies to your project.
  3. Review the submittal requirements, prepare plans and submit application. See subcategories on left blue banner for submittal requirements (e.g. Drawings, Plot Plan, Calculations, etc). See below for application forms.
  4. Be sure to have Central Contra Costa Sanitary District(CCCSD)  review/stamp your plans prior to submitting an application with the Town. CCCSD approval is required for projects that: 
    • Involve adding, relocating, or removing fixtures to public sanitary sewer system
    • Expand the structure beyond the existing building footprint (e.g. an addition, covered patio, etc.) 
    • Add a generator or ground mounted solar/PV array
    • Add an attached or detached structure to the property (e.g. deck, gazebo, ADU, carport)
  5. Review the Outside Agency Checklist for other agencies that may apply to your project.