Business Concierge Center

How can we help you?

Launching, relocating or expanding a business? We understand this can be a daunting process even for experienced professionals. When opening a business there are two main phases. First, developing the legal structure, business plan, securing financing, etc. Then, identifying a location that will work for your business and securing the necessary permits to open your doors. Our Business Concierge provides step-by-step guidance and an understanding of local and regional support to help new and existing businesses achieve success.  The rest of the concierge team are here to guide you with expert help through the following areas:  

Planning Concierge

Advise business owners and developers on required fees and permits and how buildings and properties can be used, developed and/or improved.

Building Concierge 

Assist with building permits, submission requirements and understand necessary inspections to ensure safety accordance with applicable building codes.

Required Building Permit for Tenant Improvements or Changes in Use

A Building Permit is required for any modifications to tenant spaces and for new uses or changes in the character of use of a space (such as expanding into additional area or changing from a restaurant that does not serve alcohol to one that does service alcohol). Construction drawings created by Licensed Architects that do not involve Title 24 Energy related work or structural modifications and provide complete details of the accessibility features that serve the area of remodel will generally be reviewed within five business days instead of the normal 10 day review process for commercial projects.

Accessibility features required to be addressed on the construction plans and permit requirements are outlined in Submittal Requirements for Tenant Improvements.

Engineering Concierge

Our Engineering Concierge can assist with securing encroachment permits for construction activities conducted in the public right-of-way.

Regional Permitting Agencies

Commercial development and Tenant Improvements require review by multiple agencies during the development and permitting process. Depending on the project or business activity type will depend on the types of permits and licenses you will need to secure.  Applicants considering tenant improvements are encouraged to contact these agencies as soon as possible due to the lead times needed for review and approval.

Our Planning or Building Concierge can help you identify the regional agencies where permits need to be secured for specific business activities.