Business Funding Support

Business Promotion Fund Grant Program

The Town Council annually appropriates business promotion funds for General Business & Marketing Promotion grants. 

If selected, Business Promotion Fund Grant recipients must use funds for ONLY marketing purposes deemed to be most advantageous to a broad range of Danville’s business community and anticipated to yield direct and immediate results and encourage collaboration of businesses in Danville.

Visit the Danville San Ramon News Website for a detailed interview about the Program. 

Funds may not be used to promote or support individual businesses or organizations or require the preparation of specialized studies, reports, etc. 

Preference will be given to applications that thoroughly explain projects, programs and/or events that:

a. Engage consumers with experiential events, and provide collaborative business promotion opportunities 

b. Promote events or cooperative marketing programs through print and/or digital mediums 

c. Incorporate “Live Locally” branding into all marketing efforts, including logos, cyanotypes, website link/mention, templates, Instagram, etc.

Click the link below to start your application and for further details on the program.

Business Promotion Fund Grant Application


Reimbursement requests are no longer being accepted for the Forward Focus Grant Program. Please contact and for questions.