Parking Enforcement

Police Reviewing License

Contesting a Parking Citation

Parking Citations are to be appealed in writing through the Clancy System. Mail written appeals (do not send any money) to:

Citation Processing Center
P.O. Box 22814
Denver, CO 80222 - 2814.

The only citations that we can cancel at the Police Department are in the case of a business owner or employee who receives a one-time exception following the purchase of a parking permit.

Filing a complaint against a Parking Enforcement Officer

Complaints regarding conduct or professionalism of Parking Enforcement Officers may be directed to Alexyz Lemus at 925-314-3704.

Obtaining an Employee Parking Permit

Employee Parking Permits for 2024 are available now for purchase depending on the zone

As part of the purchasing process, you must provide proof of employment either in the form of a recent pay stub or business card. Verification can be completed through the online ordering process.

Parking Permit