Danville Police Department

Danville Police Mission and Vision

The Danville Police Department works in partnership with our diverse community to safeguard the lives, rights and property of the people we serve. With unwavering dedication, we provide innovative professional law enforcement services to our community. We accomplish this mission by maintaining our Core Values while always conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards. 

Danville Police Department Core Values:

Honor   Courage   Commitment   Leadership   Teamwork

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The Danville Police Department has 42 employees who proudly serve the residents of The Town of Danville. This dedicated group consists of 30 Officers, and 12 Civilian Support Personnel. In addition there are 8 Reserve Officers, and 32 Volunteers in Policing that help us deliver services to the 43,000 residents.


The department is organized into the following specialized units, staffed by both sworn and civilian personnel:

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