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Who killed mr. boredom?

Clue - Who Killed Mr. Boredom?

It’s a spooky story for Halloween - There’s been a murder in Danville! Follow the clues at Oak Hill Park to find out who killed Mr. Boredom! 

As the detective, it is up to you to find out who is missing from the clues. Who doesn’t have an alibi? And where could Mr. Boredom’s murder have taken place?

Clues will be posted around the path at Oak Hill Park, 3005 Stone Valley Road, from October 19-30. Submit your guesses to by Friday, October 30. 

Possible suspects, locations and weapons can be found on the list below. Follow us on Instagram @danvilleparksca or Facebook for updates!

who killed mr. boredom?  with what and where?

​The Suspects:

​The Locations:

​The Weapons
1. Mr. Green 1. Town Green 1. Spider Web
2. Miss Scarlet 2. Oak Hill Park 2. Pumpkin
3. Colonel Mustard 3. Sycamore Valley Park 3. Cauldron
4. Professor Plum 4. Osage Station Park 4. Broomstick
5. Mrs. Peacock 5. Diablo Vista Park 5. Red Vine
6. Mrs. White 6. Hap Magee Ranch Park 6. Strategic Plan

Scarecrow Stroll


Enjoy the beautiful fall weather as you take a leisurely stroll through Danville in search of festive scarecrows. This is a perfect way for residents to rediscover their love for Danville businesses this fall.  The festive scarecrows will be on display in front of participating businesses from October 19 to November 30.  

Residents are encouraged to stroll Danville and find their favorite scarecrow. Scarecrows will be entered into a competition for two different categories: “People’s Choice” and “Town Council” choice. Voting begins October 30th and concludes on November 28th. Winners will be announced on November 30th.
For more details and photos of the scarecrows, visit the Scarecrow Stroll webpage.

Spooktacular - October 28th!

Spooktacular Drive Thru Oct. 28, 2020 4pm - 7pm

Spooktacular 2020 - Drive thru carnival

Carnival Games!  Giveaways!  Scavenger Hunt!  Car Costumes!   Don't miss the fun!

October 28, 2020
4:00pm - 7:00pm
$10 / $12 per car
Drive thru takes place in the Danville Community Center/Library Parking Lot

Register online or call the Community Center at (925) 314-3400.

moonlight drive - in movies - October 30th!

Moonlight Drive-In Movies - Oct. 30th @ 6:00pm

Moonlight drive - in movies

Movie Showing: The Nightmare Before Christmas
October 30th at 6:00pm
Admission is Free!  40 car capacity limit.  Registration is per car.

For more information or to reserve a spot, click here.

Monster bash - heading to your neighborhood

Monster-Bash Oct. 30th 4pm-7pm

join us for a spooky good time!

Monster Bash is a free mobile event where we will bring family friendly music and ghostly dancing to your requested block.  Limited space is available for this event.

When: October 30th    4:00PM - 7:00PM
Where: Your block
Cost: Free!
How to register:  Email

Once your block is registered, you will receive a timeframe of when the Monster Bash will be on your block.

For more information, please call (925) 314-3459.

Halloween safety tips

Halloween is fast approaching and the Contra Costa Health Services is calling on the community to exercise caution in how they celebrate the holiday. The safest way of celebrating is through staying at home and focusing on decorations, holding virtual parties and costume contests as a means of allowing interaction without risk of spreading COVID-19.

Contra Costa Health Services has put together a list of Halloween activities from recommended low-risk to high-risk activities not permitted by State and Local Orders.

Trick or Treating is considered to be a high-risk activity, as are in-person parties. Parties, in particular are not allowed under the health order unless it is with members of your household.

For the full list of safety tips and the low to high-risk activity list, go to the Contra Costa Health Services website.

Please be safe and have a Happy Halloween!

Agents of Discovery Caption

Join Agents of Discovery, and prepare to explore the Bay Area like never before. To get started, download the FREE game to your mobile device. After downloading the app, choose the Mission you'd like to play. This game will help you enjoy new educational experiences through use of hints and clues from your surroundings to solve mysteries of nature, culture, and technology. Some of the more remote Missions can even be completed from home! Join us in the use of this augmented reality application in enhancing your educational experience in Danville parks.

Agents of Discovery Flyer

arts and rec on the Go

Boy Playing Jenga

Did you know that the Town of Danville Recreation, Arts, and Community Services offers a free recreation program throughout the Town of Danville’s amazing parks for children ages 3-12 years old?  This program has now been running for over 2 years and has been active in over seven different parks in Danville. The Town of Danville Mobile Recreation van will continue to visit neighborhood parks throughout the year and staff will provide all the materials and equipment for a couple of hours of fun. The Arts and Recreation activities will vary depending on the park and time of year.
The park sites and times are announced via Facebook and Instagram prior to the event a couple of days in advance. Some of the activities that have taken place during this program are frisbee golf, scavenger hunts, obstacle course, arts and crafts and much more. Arts & Rec on the Go is intended to be a spontaneous event for our neighborhood parks. Follow us on Facebook at townofdanvilleca and Instagram @danvilleparksca for upcoming dates and locations. The Town will hold monthly mobile recreation events throughout the year. For more information, contact the Danville Community Center at (925) 314-3400.

Want to know when the next Arts & Rec on the Go will take place?  Sign up for Recreation - Mobile Rec Notifications now!


hobbit day cooking

Enjoy these cooking videos from our new contract instructor, Carol Jeha, from Compassionate Cravings as she makes some delicious treats straight from the Shire.

comic book day - recipe ideas

Carol Jeha, from Compassionate Cravings and Danville's new contract instructor, teaches you how to make two sweet treats for Comic Book Day.

Art and CraftMoonlight Movie Crafts

  • Coloring page activity book from our friends at the Crayon Initiative!
  • Lanyards with Leah
  • Kids’ Night In  - Wreck-it-Ralph -  A guide to creating a movie night for the whole family with links, crafts, foods and more!
  • Colander Art
  • Chalk your Walk Challenge: Use chalk to decorate your sidewalk with encouraging words and designs!    

  • One of our homegrown young adults, Nina Sandelin Umont, who grew up in Danville and went through Green Valley Elementary, Los Cerros Middle School, and Monte Vista High School, and is now living in Alamo wants to share her passion for calligraphy and give everyone a free copy of her self-help book ’Modern Calligraphy - everything you need to know’. While we have time at home and are looking for new things to do, go to The Sandelin Designs Guide to Modern Calligraphy digital book download She is making her calligraphy workbook available for free online, in an effort to help people have a creative outlet and an activity to do with their families. Please enjoy and thank you Nina!

Health and Wellness

Performing Arts and Dance

music vocal and instrumental

Sports and Fitness

Hobbies and Interests

Yvonne's List - Biweekly book and movie recommendations

Yvonne is the Administrative Assistant at the Danville Senior Center and lucky for us, also a book and movie enthusiast! She will put together biweekly reading and viewing recommendations to help bring everyone together while we social distance. Check back for updates every other week.

Movie Selection for the Week:

THE VISITOR – (2007) (Drama/Romance) Rated: (PG-13) – 1.44 hrs.

When professor Walter Vale travels to New York for a lecture, he's stunned to find illegal immigrants Tarek and Zainab living in his apartment. It comes out that it was rented to them by a swindler, and Vale feels sufficiently sorry for them that he invites them to stay. They get on well, until Tarek is accused of jumping a subway turnstile and lands in a detention center. He risks being deported, and Vale does everything he can to prevent it.

Starring: Richard Jenkins, Haaz Sleiman, Danai Gurira
Director: Tom McCarthy
Critic’s Choice: 7.6/10

Book Selection for the Week:

in an instant - by Suzanne redfearn

When a sudden car accident shatters a family, they are left to pick up the pieces while trying to solve the mystery of just what happened that night. The book begins as an action-packed tale of survival that is positively addictive; then it digs deep into an emotional and thought-provoking exploration of our humanity and what it means to make difficult moral choices in the most harrowing of circumstances. Redfearn deftly pivots from character to character in this multiple-points-of-view narrative, unraveling the past and weaving together a new future for the family.

Danville Book Club

October Book Suggestion: 

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

Extra Fun!

  • Online learning resources with California State Parks

  • Quarantine Bingo Fun!

  • Cookie Shimmy: Wash your face and hands first. Grab an Oreo cookie or a cookie about the same size. Place the cookie on your forehead. The goal is to move the cookie into your mouth without using your hands. Did you get it?  

  • Cup Stack Challenge: If you have 10 plastic cups available, time yourself building a cup pyramid. You can build the tower with 4 cups on the bottom layer, then 3 cups, then 2 cups and 1 cup on top. How fast can you stack them and then bring them back down?  

  • Defying Gravity: Take 3 balloons or scarves and throw them all in the air. Your goal is to keep all 3 items up in the air as long as possible. What was your best time?  

  • Nose Mover: Find a coffee table or a surface that is about 6-8 inches wide. Start with a line of cotton balls. How long does it take to push all 10 cotton balls across the surface?  
  • Visit the National Parks – Virtually! 

  • Museum virtual tours

  • More National park virtual tours
  • Learn more about the history of the San Ramon Valley:  Museum of the San Ramon Valley 

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