Scarecrow Stroll

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather as you take a leisurely stroll through Danville in search of festive scarecrows. This is a perfect way for residents to rediscover their love for Danville businesses this fall.  The festive scarecrows will be on display in front of participating businesses from October 19 to November 30.  

Residents are encouraged to stroll Danville and find their favorite scarecrow. Scarecrows will be entered into a competition for two different categories: “People’s Choice” and “Town Council” choice. Voting begins October 30th and concludes on November 28th. Winners will be announced on November 30th.

Vote for your favorite Scarecrow!

View the Scarecrow Stroll Map (PDF) or click on the map below to open.

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Scarecrow at Pearson & Williams

Scarecrow 1. Pearson & Williams
Location: 145 East Prospect Ave.

Scarecrow 2. Whim House
Location: 485 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow at Whim House
Scarecrow at Barre3 in Danville

Scarecrow 3. Barre3
Location:  Barre 3 Danville   406 Hartz Ave   Barre 3 Danville   406 Hartz Ave  406 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow 4. Is no longer available to view.

Scarecrow at Beyond Active

Scarecrow 5. Beyond Active
Location: 166 East Prospect Ave.

Scarecrow 6. Bromley Law Group
Location: 319 Diablo Rd.

Scarecrow at Bromley Law Group
Scarecrow at The Peasant and The Pear

Scarecrow 7. The Peasant and The Pear
Location: 267 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow 8. Danville Brewing Co.
Location: 200 Railroad Ave.

Scarecrow at Danville Brewing
Scarecrow at Spree Boutique

Scarecrow 9. SPREE Boutique
Location: 374Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow 10. Old Towne Danville Bakery
Location: 105 Town & Country Dr.

Scarecrow at Old Towne Danville Bakery
Scarecrow at VIDA Wellness

Scarecrow 11. VIDA Wellness Boutique
Location: 122 East Prospect Ave.

Scarecrow 12. Quantum Escapes
Location: 391 Diablo Rd.

Scarecrow at Quantum Escapes
State Farm Scarecrow

Scarecrow 13. State Farm
Location: 156 Diablo Rd.

Scarecrow 14. Cottage Jewel
Location: 391 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow at Cottage Jewel
Scarecrow at Vitality Bowl

Scarecrow 15. Vitality Bowl
Location: 190 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow 16. Danville Chocolates
Location: 175 East Prospect Ave.

Scarecrow at Danville Chocolates
Scarecrow at Bliss Danville

Scarecrow 17. Bliss Danville
Location: 408 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow 18. SPENGA
Location: 200 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow at SPENGA
Scarecrow at Cigar, Fine Wine and Gifts

Scarecrow 19. Danville Cigar, Fine Wine & Gifts
Location: 445 Hartz Ave.