Hap Magee Ranch Park

Hap Magee Ranch Park (1025 La Gonda Way). Hap Magee has quite a storied past. A barn façade at the park entrance commemorates the park’s former life as a ranch for longhorn steer. Before the cattle called it home, the site was a summer camp for San Francisco orphans, known as Camp Swain. Look for a drinking fountain commemorating Camp Swain with a plaque and a brick rendering of children playing.

Hap Magee’s water feature is a combination of metal tubes that form a tunnel with water spraying inside as kids run through, and water spraying up from the ground. A motion sensor activates the water feature on a random circuit. (Please see water feature FAQs in right hand column for more information.)  This 17-acre park also has walking trails, separate play areas for younger and older children, picnic areas, and a dog park.