Community Parks

The Town of Danville operates and maintains over 167 acres of parkland, most of which is used for active recreation.  Six community parks include amenities such as children’s play equipment, sports fields, picnic areas, bocce ball courts, a dog park, and walking trails.

Take a look at our Town of Danville Community Parks Story Map - combining park facilities and history with interactive maps,

Water Features Locations:

Hap Magee Ranch Park and Sycamore Valley Park

  1. Facility Rentals - Community Parks
    Sycamore Valley Park

    An active destination for bocce, sports fields, Children's play area with water feature and jogging paths.

  1. Community Parks - Hap Magee Park
    Hap Magee Ranch Park

    A historic setting with picnic tables, play areas, walking trails and a spacious dog park.
  1. Community Parks - Oak Hill Park
    Oak Hill Park

    Stroll the restful lakeside pathway and discover the All-Wars Memorial.

  1. Community Parks - Osage Station
    Osage Station Park

    Home to Danville's beautiful memorial rose garden, sports fields and play areas.

  1. Community Parks - Danville South
    Danville South Park

    This small but captivating park is tucked off Camino Ramon in South Danville.

  1. Diablo Vista Park
    Diablo Vista Park

    This playground is perfect for children under 4 who will love to explore the mosaic water-snake that winds down the hillside.
  1. Facility Rentals - Danville Community Center
    Town Green

    A peaceful downtown park adjacent to the Danville Library and downtown's Danville Community Center.
  1. Recreation Arts and Community Services - Sports Fields
    Sports Fields & Gyms

    Numerous multi-use sports field facilities available for community use.
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    Rental Brochure

    Weddings, parties or corporate events - discover unique spaces for any occasion.

Potential Projects

Skate Park Feasibility Study

In September 2018, the Town Council accepted the Skate Park Feasibility Study, which identified design and operation guidelines, schematic designs and construction cost estimates, should funding be available for a future skate park in Danville.  The Study was accepted but a location was not selected for the skate park.  Further discussion about a skate park would be brought back if and when other alternative sites are identified. In addition, no funding yet has been appropriated for this potential project.

Town Green & Arts District Concept Master Plan

A Concept Master Plan was prepared for the Town Green and Arts District, consistent with the adopted "Danville Parks Recreation & Arts Strategic Plan Update."  The plan provides recommendations for improvements that offer Town residents high impact arts programming.  The plan was developed through an outreach process involving more than 800 members of the community.

Town Green & Arts District Concept Master Plan

Regional Gems

Mount Diablo State Park

Climb, bike, or drive to the top this prominent local state park. Discover for yourself the mountain’s beautiful wildflowers, its extensive trails, fascinating wildlife and distinctive rock formations which climbs up to the 3,849 foot summit.

East Bay Regional Open Space & Trails

Danville borders a variety of public open space and trail systems managed by East Bay Regional Parks.