Streets & Street Lights

Street Light Outages

There are several agencies that maintain street lights in Danville, including the Town, Contra Costa County, Pacific Gas & Electric and Caltrans. When reporting a street light issue, please provide the location and the pole number so the appropriate agency can be notified. You may report street light outages through Danville Connect.

Street Maintenance

Danville's quality of life depends on the ability to move people and goods freely throughout the community. The Town's Streets Department helps to ensure safe and easy travel by maintaining street surfaces, public sidewalks, curbs, gutters, storm drains, public parking lots and street signs. Report pothole or other street maintenance issues through Danville Connect.

The Maintenance Department maintains public sidewalks. Sidewalks in front of private property are the responsibility of the property owner (Danville Municipal Code Section 12-6).

Help your community prepare for rainstorms by keeping storm drains in your neighborhood and in front of your residence clear of debris. A little effort goes a long way in helping the Maintenance Department maintain over 4,700 storm drains to reduce flooding and pollution of our waterways.

Street Sweeping

Residential streets are swept monthly, major corridors twice a month and the downtown weekly. To find the street sweeping day for your neighborhood, see the Town's street sweeping map.

Freeway Ramp Cleanup

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) maintains the freeway on - and off-ramps within the Town, including the pavement, landscaping, graffiti and litter control. Caltrans service requests can be submitted through their online system.