The Town of Danville's service delivery is organized into 42 different Divisions and Programs, these are grouped into six different ares of service delivery (Departments) listed below.

General Government

These Town programs are responsible for establishing and administering the overall direction of Town government, and providing internal or support services.

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department encompasses various administrative and financial functions that support internal and external Town operations. The Department includes the following functions and services:

Development Services

The Development Services Department provides critical infrastructure for the Town of Danville. Development Services handles the growth of the Town through building and economic growth.

Police Services

The Police Services Department provides excellent service to the residents and businesses of Danville. With a keen sensitivity to the needs and concerns of the community, the Police Department seeks to work as partners with the residents, schools, churches and businesses in developing safety programs and awareness. It embraces a community police philosophy in providing services to residents.

Maintenance Services

The Maintenance Services Department performs a variety of activities to maintain the Town's infrastructure. Maintenance crews contribute to the overall cleanliness and health of the environment by sweeping streets, maintaining park and roadside landscaping and keeping creeks and drainage systems free-flowing.

Recreation Services

The Recreation Services Department offers a wide array of exciting classes, programs, and special events, and provides quality rental facilities for both indoor and outdoor use. Services are provided in the areas of:

  • Adapted Recreation
  • Cultural Arts
  • Seniors
  • Special Interest
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Teens
  • Youth Activities