ADAPT - Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention Team - San Ramon Valley

The ADAPT committee, co-led by Risha J and Sabrina B, focused on educating both students and parents about alcohol and substance usage. 

The committee worked with professionals Lauren Brown from the Danville Police Department, a school program coordinator and licensed therapist, who used to work at the Discovery Counseling Center, and Mrs. April Revero, the Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse. 

Risha J: "it was both an educational and powerful experience to be a part of. My own peers are dealing with these issues, and it is one we ought to address because it isn't improving. We partnered with our local professionals, consulted our student body and uncovered numerous raw, gut-wrenching stories that truly made us want to streamline recognition of substance and alcohol abuse so that both students and parents know how to react, respond and stay safe."

The DYC produced a series of videos for students and adults who desire to learn more information, properly reach out for help and understand what those around them are going through and how to be a helping hand without causing any harm.