Stronger Than Hate

The Stronger than Hate Art Showcase was a chance for Danville teens to show off their art skills and promote equality and inclusion. After starting an art campaign targeted at overcoming hateful attitudes at their school, DYC members Sydney and Sabrina wanted to bring the idea to the entire town of Danville.

To combat the racial tensions and hateful attitudes that have plagued 2020, the DYC decided to create a town-wide art project aimed at fostering tolerance. 

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Stronger Than Hate by Carson Hair

Carson Hair, 12th grade, San Ramon Valley HS

The phrase "I am Stronger Than Hate" means many things. It means that I can acknowledge the institutionalized racism and widespread hatred in this country. As a person who has disproportionally benefited from these backwards systems, it can be uncomfortable to come to terms with the understanding that the color of my skin may have played a larger role in shaping my current situation than I might have once realized. This drawing is an attempt to encapsulate the most impactful moments or events of 2020 that have affected me deeply. 

Stronger Than Hate by Nora Hui

Nora Hui, 9th grade, Monte Vista HS

'I am stronger than hate' means being stronger than and being above those who try to put you down for being who you are. It's also helping others around you achieve that and making a community where everyone can feel safe being who they are. It's letting yourself accept who you are and being proud of it.

Stronger Than Hate by McKenna Kelly

McKenna Kelly, 11th grade, San Ramon Valley HS

"I am stronger than hate" means to me that you should rise above all negative thoughts and feelings. I wanted to show this in my piece by making it more chaotic and distracting at the bottom and then having a person almost literally rising up towards a more calm and flowery area. The chaos is meant to represent those negative feelings and hateful comments that can spread and as the person looks up the focus on the brighter, more positive side, represented by things we often find good and beautiful in nature. 

Stronger Than Hate by Ariya Ghoshal

Ariya Ghoshal, 10th grade, Monte Vista HS

This piece is an acrylic painting inspired by the concept of inner strength and confidence. I choose to use a tiger to represent one's self confidence. I used darker colors on the outside to isolate the subject. The leaves represent "hate" or any discouragement.  Although the leaves surround the person they never touch or affect the person because of the tiger protecting the person.

Stronger Than Hate by Megan Terry

Megan Terry, 10th grade, Monte Vista HS

"I am stronger than hate," means that I am able to look beyond the things that divide us to overcome the power of hate. Hatred has been ever growing and prominent in our society, especially recently. I believe that each one of us can participate in being stronger than hate by seeing everyone’s' differences as beautiful instead of wrong or invalid.

Arushi Giressha, 6th grade, 

Even though people bring you down from hate, you can still stand up on your own.