Legislative Advocacy

WHAT IS Legislative Advocacy? 

The Town advocates on behalf of the community’s interests, communicating with key lawmakers to promote Danville’s best interests at the local, state and federal levels.   These efforts are driven by two primary considerations: 

1) continuing to uphold the Town mission of delivering superior municipal services that make people’s lives better; and 

2) an increasing level of state involvement and regulation in areas that have previously fallen within local control.   


The Tri-Valley Cities of Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon and the Town of Danville collaborate on legislative issues, projects, and initiatives that affect Tri-Valley residents and businesses. This coalition combined represents over 365,000 residents, a collective voice equal to that of the 10th largest city in California

Town of Danville Legislative Framework 

The significant increase in bills being introduced in the state legislature that have the potential to further impact cities’ local control has prompted the Town to continue to expand advocacy efforts through various means and channels. Key to these efforts is the development of this Legislative Framework which outlines the Town’s legislative principles, policies, goals, and strategies.  


The Legislative Committee consists of two members of the Town Council appointed annually by the Mayor and supported by appropriate Town staff.

The Committee will meet as frequently as monthly to review and discuss the Town’s legislative platform and pending/possible legislation.

The Legislative Committee will develop positions on pending or possible legislation and make recommendations for consideration by the Town Council. Recommendations will be based upon a determination of potential legislative impacts upon the Town and its residents.