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Activity Guide

Four times a year we publish an Activity Guide which highlights the Town’s classes, programs, and special events. Danville Activity Guide (PDF). Online registration is available for all programs, events and classes.

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Previous Editions of the Danville Activity Guide

Live Locally Quarterly Newsletter

As a means of reaching out to our community, the Town of Danville has re-instituted the practice of putting out a quarterly printed newsletter. The newsletter, focuses on programs, projects and events, and features vibrant photos, informative articles and graphics. Live Locally Newsletter (PDF)

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Previous Editions of the Live Locally Newsletter

Silver Streak Newsletter

The Town publishes a quarterly newsletter for our senior adults 55+. Each newsletter contains information regarding upcoming trips, special events, classes and workshops. Online registration is available for all trips, events and classes.
Silver Streak Newsletter (PDF)

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Previous Editions of the Silver Streak Newsletter

Live Locally Guide

Living Locally in Danville means enjoying the best of what our community has to offer, whether it is shopping for gifts you can't find elsewhere, sharing a meal out with your family, enjoying a theatre performance, or taking a stroll through one of our parks or open spaces. The Live Locally Guide is a Lifestyle guide featuring local shopping, dining, and more. Celebrate Local!
Live Locally Guide (PDF)

Budget & Capital Improvement Plan

The Town of Danville budget for 2019-2020 and the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) can be found on our Finance Page.

Annual Report

A snapshot of how the Town of Danville functions.  A look at the program and service areas provided to the community and how they operate.

Annual Report 2018-2019 (PDF)

Previous Editions of the Annual Report