Newsletter & Publications

Budget & Capital Improvement Plan

The Town of Danville budget for 2019-2020 and the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) can be found on our Finance Page.

Annual Report

A snapshot of how the Town of Danville functions.  A look at the program and service areas provided to the community and how they operate.

Live Locally Quarterly Newsletter

As a means of reaching out to our community, the Town of Danville has re-instituted the practice of putting out a quarterly printed newsletter. The newsletter, focuses on programs, projects and events, and features vibrant photos, informative articles and graphics. Newsletter 2019 Fall (PDF)

Activity Guide

Four times a year we publish an Activity Guide which highlights the Town's classes, programs, and special events. Danville Activity Guide Spring 2019 (PDF)

Silver Streak Newsletter

The Town publishes a quarterly newsletter for our senior adults 55+. Each newsletter contains information regarding upcoming trips, special events, classes and workshops. Online registration is available for all trips, events and classes.
Silver Streak Newsletter April, May, June 2019 (PDF)