Understanding the Town Council Agenda

Regular Town Council Meetings are held at 5:00 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month at the Town Meeting Hall, 201 Front Street, Danville, and on Zoom.

Study Sessions provide an opportunity for Town staff to report to the Town Council on a variety of items and issues.  No formal action is taken and these meetings are open to the public.

Special Meetings are held when needed.

Closed Sessions are held only under limited circumstances, as provided for by State law, such as litigation or personnel matters.   Closed sessions are not open to the public.  Public comment is invited on any closed session item, prior to the start of the meeting.

Meeting agendas and staff reports are available for review on the Town website www.danville.ca.gov/agendas and at the Danville Town Offices, 510 La Gonda Way, beginning on Friday, preceding each meeting.

In addition, all meeting notices and agendas are posted in the kiosk outside of the Town Offices. 

More Information
For additional information regarding Town Council Meetings or Agendas, please contact the City Clerk at 925-314-3401 or email the City Clerk.

  1. Public Participation

Public Participation

The Town Council welcomes your participation at Town Council meetings. The public may comment on any item listed on the agenda. For items that are not listed on the agenda, the public may address the Town Council during the section titled “For the Good of the Town.”  For items that are listed on the agenda, the Mayor will call for speakers after the staff report is presented and prior to Town Council discussion.

There are several ways to address the Town Council.  Instructions are provided on every agenda (www.danville.ca.gov/agenda).

In-person:  Attend the meeting at the location listed on each agenda.  Complete the yellow “Request to Speak” form at the meeting.

Zoom:  Join the meeting via the link on the agenda. Use the “Raise Hand” feature. 

Email: Provide written comments by emailing the City Clerk prior to the deadline indicated on the agenda.  

Due to the number of items on the agenda and the length of Town Council meetings, speakers are asked to limit their remarks to three minutes. Spokespersons for a larger group may request more time.

Visual presentations by the public
Presentations must be reviewed for agenda relevance and formatting in advance of the meeting.  Contact the City Clerk a minimum of 24 hours prior to the Council meeting. 

  1. Agenda Items
  1. Town Council Actions

Find out more about understanding your Town Council meetings by viewing the brochure below or taking a look at the PDF version Welcome to your Danville Town Council Meeting (PDF).