Picnic Areas


All picnic reservations are for the entire day from 9:00AM – 7:00PM. Please note that picnic areas are available for reservations under these new guidelines.

  • Renters are responsible to clean and sanitize tables before and after use.
  • Picnic areas and barbeques may only be used by households, living units, or Social Bubbles. The definition of each specific group can be found on the Contra Costa County Health Order, https://www.coronavirus.cchealth.org/health-orders. Based on the 8/26/20 Health Order, a social bubble is a stable group of 12 people that can form a Household Support Unit, a Childcare Unit, or a Children’s extracurricular Activity Unit.
  • Each member of a household, living units, or social bubbles must maintain at least 6 feet separation from all members of other households or living units in the area. Members of the same household or living unit do not need to be 6 feet apart from each other. Children ages 12 years or younger within the same Social Bubble do not need to be 6 feet apart from each other, but members of Social Bubbles over 12 years of age must maintain at least 6 feet of separation from all members of other households or living units.
  • Individuals shall wear Face Coverings when less than 6 feet apart.
  • Reservations will not be confirmed over the phone. Reservations are confirmed after full payment has been made and you have received an approved reservation permit.
  • All play structures are closed by the State of California. Please DO NOT play on the play structures.
  • No inflatable structures, jump houses, petting zoos or dunk tanks allowed in parks.


The Town of Danville has four parks that contain picnic areas that are available for reservations during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please note that our table groupings may have changed a bit due to the current pandemic.

Tables maximum capacity during COVID-19 is 4.

Please review the Picnic Area Use Guidelines prior to submitting a reservation request. For all reservation requests please submit a completed Picnic Reservation Application by email to Facilities Management.

  1. Danville South Park
  2. Diablo Vista Park
  3. Hap Magee Ranch Park
  4. Oak Hill Park
  5. Osage Station Park
  6. Sycamore Valley Park


  • Large Grass Area
  • Basketball Court
  • Small children's play area
  • Picnic table can not be reserved
  • Portable Bathrooms


A fully fenced exterior isolates this park, preventing toddlers from wandering off. There are benches and a table for snacks or lunch in the park.

This park is perfect any time of the year: It is sheltered in the winter and offers some shade in the summer.

Enjoy an aerial view of this park.