Shrumen Lumen (2021)

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The Town of Danville was pleased to present a temporary Public Art Installation: Shrumen Lumen. It was on display in downtown Danville from Memorial Day through Labor Day 2021. 

Two, larger-than-life, kinetic mushroom sculptures were installed in the downtown area at the Town Green by the Danville Community Center and Library, and in front of the Village Theatre & Art Gallery. By day, the 12 x 14 ft mushrooms were an ethereal white, at night they came alive, as the mushroom caps opened and closed and a rainbow of LED lights cycled through from top to bottom back to the top again in a stunning display of art and engineering, creating a surprising and delightful experience. 

The sculptures were conceived and created by a Bay Area group of engineers and artists: The FoldHaus Artist Collective. This group is able to combine creative art with the engineering know-how to make their ideas come alive. 

The mushrooms were first created for the world-famous Burning Man event in Black Rock Desert, NV, and have since traveled to be enjoyed by audiences in cities all over the world including Dubai, Washington D.C., and Hong Kong. While on display, the residents and visitors to Danville had a wonderful opportunity to experience these marvelous pieces as well.


ABC 11 Eyewitness News Article - Released July 23, 2021
Bay Area art collective creates large-scale origami art for the world to enjoy.