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Curb Marking Request Application

  1. Curb Marking Request Application
    Please fill out the application completely. If you have general questions regarding Danville’s curb marking policy, please refer to the Curb Marking Policy and Procedures, or contact the Transportation Division at 925-314-3384.
  2. 1. Type of curb marking (color zone) you are applying for with associated fee:
  3. 2. Is requested curb marking completely within your property frontage?
  4. Do you consent to allow the requested curb marking in front of your property?
  5. 4. Land Use Type
  6. 5.
  7. Loading Zones (Yellow)
  8. Passenger Loading (white) or Short Term Parking (Green)
  9. For ADA (blue)
  10. Return To:
    Town of Danville Transportation Division
    510 La Gonda Way
    Danville, CA 94526
  11. Leave This Blank: