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Community Hall

Subfacility of Veterans Memorial Building

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  1. ADA Accessible (optional)
  2. Catering Kitchen (optional)
  3. Chairs (optional)
  4. Meeting Rooms (optional)
  5. Restrooms (optional)
  6. Tables (optional)
  7. WiFi (optional)
The Community Hall is the largest room at the Veterans Memorial building and can be configured into 3 separate 800 square-foot areas, A, B & C.  

Community Hall (A, B & C) 2,301 sq. ft.,  160 Dining Style / 220 Assembly Style
Medium Meeting Room (A & B or B & C) 1600 sq. ft., 100 Dining Style /150 Assembly Style
Small Meeting Room (A, B or C) 800 sq. ft., 50 Dining Style / 75 Assembly Style

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