Podva Farmhouse - 809 Podva Road


The Podva Farmhouse is a Stick (Victorian) architectural style home. It was built in the late 1890's and was originally purchased by Adolphus Godfrey Podva for ten gold coins. This wood frame house has a steeply pitched hipped roof and is a transitional example with double cross gables. This represents a transition to more of the Queen Anne style building. It has a one story entry porch supported by classical columns that have diagonal braces. The entry door has double-paned windows in the upper half with horizontal window over the top. There is a vertical board pattern in each gable apex, meeting a horizontal pattern beneath.


The building was originally located where the Livery Merchantile is now located and moved to its current location and restored in 1980. The current owner is David Spurgeon.

Ruby May Oswill Podva

As a note, in 1933 Ruby May Oswill Podva was appointed acting post-mistress, then post-mistress in 1940 and served until 1963. The Podva family operated a large ranch in the Valley for many years.