My spouse is deceased. What do I do?

Send in a copy of the property tax bill and proof of your age. You can put a line through their name and write deceased and we will change our records. If you qualify we will send you the rebate in your name.

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1. What are the qualifications?
2. I did not own the house all year, do I qualify?
3. I moved from the property earlier this year, can I still get a rebate?
4. Do I need to claim this each year?
5. My spouse is deceased. What do I do?
6. Do I need to pay my tax bill in order to receive the rebate?
7. When will I get the rebate of $54?
8. Do I need your correspondence or form to claim the rebate?
9. I am disabled and under 65, can I get the LLAD rebate?
10. My spouse and I both own the property. Can we submit a rebate request for each of us?