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2023 Intent to Host- Community Events

  1. Please fill out the form in its entirety and submit as soon as possible.

    If there are any proposed modifications to event logistics (month, event start/end times, road closure times) that deviate from previous years’ events please be sure to include this information in the application. There is a specific section for any special modifications for your event, so be as detailed as possible.  

    In addition, please note that approved events will need to meet deadlines outlined in the event agreement and event insurance limits will be increasing to $2Mil starting in 2023.

    We look forward to partnering with you to plan a safe and successful event.

    ~The Community Events Team~  

  2. Event Information
  3. Organizer Information
  4. Type of Organization*
  5. If Non-profit Organization has been selected, you must provide your non-profit status letter prior to your rental.
  6. Street Closure Information
  7. Vendor Information
  8. Discount booth space, business stroll, etc). 

  9. This language will be used for staff reports and town marketing purposes (social media, press releases, calendar, etc).

  10. The following will be required for any event approval:
    • Acknowledgment that modifications proposed are not guaranteed, but simply proposed for consideration.
    • Increased event insurance minimums of $2 million dollars.
    • Meeting deadlines outlined in event agreement and/or checklist such as providing logistics and site plan information two months prior to event. 
  11. By checking the box below, I acknowledge the above requirements.*
  12. I acknowledge that I am the Organizer for this event and that submission is complete and accurate.*
  13. Town Staff will review all applications submitted and will provide further details once all have been received.

    Contact Lianna Adauto with any questions.

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