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Live Locally Branding Form

  1. Live Locally Branding Form
    Thank you for your interest in the new Danville "Live Locally" brand! The branding package includes templates, logos and other graphics that you can use to co-brand for your business/non-profit needs! Once submitted, a member of the Town of Danville's Economic Development Division team will respond to you within five business days.
  2. Type of Organization*
  3. How do you plan to use the branding package? (select all that apply)*
  4. Would you like a list of pre-approved graphic designers who can help you incorporate the "Live Locally" branding with your graphics? *
  5. Acceptable Use Agreement
    By completing this form, you agree to the following usage policy.

    1. The "Live Locally" branding graphics, including variations of the Oak Tree Mark and the Oak Leaf Mark (logo suite), with or without the words "Danville" and "Live Locally" are to be strictly used in conjunction with the promotion of your Danville-based business, non-profit, or special event logo, and shall not be the standalone graphic for marketing purposes.

    2. The graphics are available on loan only to registered businesses (active business license required), non-profit organizations, special events, approved co-sponsorship agreements, or government entities with a physical presence in the Town of Danville.

    3. Use of the graphics does not imply endorsement of the event from the Town of Danville or its partners.

    4. The branding graphics cannot be used as the primary graphic for branding material; it must be used in conjunction with another Danville business, non-profit, or special event brand.

    5. The branding graphics cannot be used as the primary graphic for the profile picture or cover graphics on a business website or in social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

    6. Use of the branding graphics must comply with the Brand Style Guide; the logos and graphics cannot be distorted or manipulated in any way.

    7. Use of the branding graphics for licensed promotional items (mugs, jackets, apparel, etc.) must be pre-approved by Town of Danville's Economic Development Manager.
  6. I represent the organization listed herein and agree to the terms and conditions of the usage policy stated above.*
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