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Danville Business Assistance - Business Interest Questionnaire

  1. Danville Business Assistance Program - Business Interest Questionnaire
    Please provide the following information to apply for Danville's free Business Assistance for Cares Act Funding Program.
    All proprietary information shared in this survey will be kept confidential with the Town and the Danville Business Assistance Program.
    Priority will be given to brick-and-mortar businesses based on the volume of requests. Your understanding is appreciated.
  2. Business License*
  3. For example, Sole proprietor, LLC, 501c3, etc.
  4. For example, bakery, full-service restaurant, marketing firm, preschool daycare, etc.
  5. Have you applied for and received SBA Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) funds?*
  6. For example, Wells Fargo, Paypal, etc.
  7. For example, 50% of normal, 25% of normal, etc.
  8. For example, outdoor seating, take-out ordering, online ordering, etc.
  9. For example, payroll, facility rent, specific business expenses, etc.
  10. For example, does your business have the power to control another business, or does another business has the power to control yours?
  11. Please print a copy of this form for your records before submitting.
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