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Forward Focus Business Grant Program - Phase II

  1. Forward Focus Business Grant Program - Phase II
    On December 18, 2020, the Town Council appropriated an additional $250,000 towards the second phase of the Forward Focus Grant Program. As part of this round of funding, two grant tiers were developed and the eligibility criteria modified to focus on business sectors most impacted by the pandemic and the County Health Order.

    Tier 1: $150,000 to be allocated in grants of up to $5,000 for the Restaurants, Small Retailers (5 or fewer employees), Service Commercial (i.e., fitness, dance, entertainment, etc.), Personal Service (i.e., spas, hair salons, nail, non-medical massage, etc.), and Personal Service independent contractors (maximum grant funds are limited for contractors). Priority processing will be given to businesses within this tier.

    Tier 2: $75,000 to be allocated in grants of up to $2,500 for all other eligible businesses; only retail businesses with fewer than 25 employees would qualify.

    Grants are available in the following categories:

    • Marketing - Business Promotion
    • Capital Projects - Weather Protection and Visibility 
    • COVID-19 Safety and Sanitation
    • Permits

    General Program Information:
    • Businesses who received funds as part of the initial Forward Focus Grant program are not eligible to apply for this phase of the program.
    • Please check if your business is eligible: Forward Focus Grant Eligible Businesses (PDF)
    • All applications will need to adhere to the Grant terms and conditions.
    • Some capital improvement projects may also be subject to securing Fire, Building and Planning Permits and require authorization from the building owner or landlord.
    • The maximum grant amount per business is based on the grant request and which Tier your business is within.
    • Applicants are responsible for 100% of purchases and reimbursements will be 75% of approved costs.
  2. Available Grant Categories and Options
    What type of grant(s) are you applying for? Check all that apply
    (Maximum amount varies based on tier and eligibility.)
  3. Marketing - Business Promotion:
    Select all that apply
  4. Capital Projects - Weather Protection / Visibility:
    Select all that apply
  5. COVID-19 Related Safety and Sanitation
    Subject to review and approval by the Town of Danville. Not to include rent or payroll expenses, etc.
  6. Permits:
    Select all that apply
  7. For example:
    I plan to purchase temporary outdoor lighting for $175 and launch a social media campaign which will be $750.
  8. Grant Agreement
    By completing this form, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of the Grant:

    • I have not applied for or received grant funding in Phase I of the Forward Focus Grant program.
    • I understand that eligible businesses may include recent recipients of Online Sales Mini Grants. In these cases, the maximum grant amount will be offset by the amount of the previous grant.
    • I am an independently owned, small brick and mortar business, not a corporately held business.
    • I possess an active Town of Danville business license.
    • My business type is consistent with the business types eligible for this grant program. Please check if your business is eligible: Forward Focus Grant Eligible Businesses (PDF). To be eligible, businesses must be in one of the following categories: retail, restaurant, personal service, fitness/entertainment, experiential use or neighborhood serving commercial.
    • I understand that the total program funding allocation is $250,000.
    • I understand that grants will be earmarked for marketing or capital, with maximum funding limits based on the costs for specified items.
    • I understand the maximum individual grant amount will be based upon the two specific Tiers.
    • I understand that I am responsible for 100% of the purchase of approved business expenses. The Town of Danville will then reimburse 75% of these approved costs, up to the max grant amount awarded.
    • Grant eligibility includes approved expenses incurred within the 30 days prior to the approval of the second round of funding.
    • I understand that the design of building signs, awnings, tents, and lighting must be reviewed and approved by the Town of Danville prior to purchasing.
    • I understand that some capital improvement projects are subject to securing approval permits from the Town of Danville Building and Planning Department and San Ramon Valley Fire District, and I intend to secure all necessary permits before installing improvements.
    • If securing funds for temporary tents and canopies that require anchoring, I must plan for an appropriate anchor system such as water barrels, etc., to protect from wind. I understand that I CANNOT anchor the structure into the existing sidewalk concrete or street asphalt.
    • As a grant recipient, I intend to support local businesses as much as possible when purchasing goods and services.
    • I understand approved purchases must be made within 90 days of grant authorization and reimbursement requests must be submitted no later than 30 days past the purchase date to be considered.
    • I understand that if I receive approval for outdoor weather protection capital expenditures, my temporary use permit must be active and be in good standing with the Conditions of Approval before proceeding with any purchases intended for grant reimbursement.
    • I understand that I must adhere to the Contra Costa Health Order at all times and be in good standing with the Town to receive grant reimbursement.
    • I understand that applications will be reviewed as submitted until funds are exhausted with priority given to Tier 1 business types.
    • I understand that funding is not available for businesses that have closed permanently.
  9. I represent the organization listed herein and agree to the Grant Terms and Conditions stated above.*
  10. Please print a copy of this form for your records before submitting.
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