2023 -2031 Housing Element

Since its incorporation in 1982, Danville has been a carefully planned community, balancing the desire to preserve its history and open spaces with the need to provide facilities, infrastructure and accommodate projected population growth.

This growth is reflected through the Danville Housing Element, one of the seven mandated elements of the General Plan, which is required to be updated in eight-year cycles. Learn more in our Housing 101 section.


The foundation for the Housing Element is the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA), in which the State projects each region’s housing needs for all income groups for the upcoming eight years. 

Danville falls within the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) region.  The State has determined that the Bay Area must plan for an additional 441,176 new units, of which Danville is currently expected to provide approximately 2,241 new homes

Since the Town does not have a large inventory of vacant land or lands that are primed for redevelopment, accommodating this number of new homes will be a significant challenge.


State laws govern how cities review and approve housing and housing plans. As an example, the process and timelines for updating the Housing Element are prescribed by state law. Additionally, the California state legislature has enacted – and continues to propose – new legislation to facilitate housing construction. While all of these laws focus on spurring housing production, they are not necessarily associated with the housing element update. Learn more in our Housing Legislation section.


Housing Element FACT SHEET (PDF)

Housing Element FAQs (PDF)

Housing Element Inventory Guidebook (PDF)

Housing Element 2023-2031 Update Timeline

In February 2021, Danville initiated the process of updating its 2023-2031 Housing Element:

  • Launch Winter 2021
  • Engage Spring 2021
  • Alternatives Summer-Fall 2021
  • Draft Spring 2022
  • Adopt Winter 2023
Housing Element Timeline Graphic


Community input and collaboration will be vital as we navigate the challenges expected in the upcoming 2022-2030 Housing Element Update.

Helping the public to understand the process and provide input will be critical in seeking balance among state mandates and local priorities. 

Housing 101 Virtual Community Workshops for the 2023- 2031 Housing Element Update.

The Town of Danville invites the community to register for one of the 2021 Virtual Housing Workshops to join the discussion about Danville's state-mandated 2023 - 2031 Housing Element Update.  During the workshops we will be talking about the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) process, state law requirements, and the Housing Element policy document that identifies where and how Danville will accommodate existing and projected future housing needs for people of all income groups. In the 2023-2031 update, the Town is expected to accommodate a minimum of 2,241 new homes.  With your participation and input, we believe we can balance the need to accommodate growth while preserving Danville’s history and character.  

Visit www.DanvilleTownTalks.org to learn more about the Housing Element Update, sign up for updates, add your comments and register for any of the other workshop dates.

Join us at any of these 2021 Housing 101 Virtual Workshops by registering at www.danvilletowntalks.org

Register for the Tuesday, August 31, 6:00 p.m. workshop:https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_YDskTBO3TZO0Zfcpr6Unsw

To register for any of the other workshops dates, click on the links below

Residents can also stay informed on the Housing Element Update by signing up for e-mail updates.
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Updates July 2021

On July 20, 2021, the Town of Danville submitted a comment letter on the Plan Bay Area 2050 (PBA 2050) Draft EIR. For those who may be unfamiliar, PBA 2050 is the Bay Area’s Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy rolled into one. Our interest in the PBA 2050 effort is rooted in the fact that its processes generate the land use patterns used as the ‘baseline model’ for the RHNA allocation.

Check out the comment letter by clicking the link below.
Danville PBA 2050 Draft EIR Comment Letter (PDF)


On July 9, 2021, The Town of Danville submitted an appeal for a revision of its share of the regional housing need for the 6th Cycle Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA).

Danville RHNA Appeal Packet (PDF)

Add your feedback to the Association of Bay Area Governments
ABAG will accept comments on submitted appeals from jurisdictions, HCD, and members of the public for 45 days following the end of the appeals filing period. All comments must be filed by 5:00 p.m. PST on August 30, 2021. ABAG will not accept late comments. Comments can be emailed to RHNA@bayareametro.gov.
Members of the public who are interested in receiving notifications about comments received can sign up on the ABAG website. https://abag.ca.gov/our-work/housing/rhna-regional-housing-needs-allocation/sign-rhna-mailing-list
ABAG will notify jurisdictions, HCD, and members of the public who have signed up on the ABAG website about comments received following the end of the comment period.

We want to hear your input, ideas, feedback, and comments on Danville's Housing Element Update

The Danville community has a new way to connect with their Town government. The newly launched www.DanvilleTownTalks.org expands the community’s options for providing input, ideas, feedback, and comments on local issues. The first project to feature on the new site will be Danville’s state-mandated Housing Element Update. Residents can complete surveys and submit comments through the website or add comments and ideas via text. 


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