Hearts around Hartz (2020)

Photo Montage of all the Hearts around Hartz

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who made the Hearts Around Hartz public art exhibition and auction a success!  

In the summer of 2020, the Town of Danville invited its residents and visitors to discover 17 uniquely adorned heart sculptures placed all around downtown. The public art exhibition was installed in mid-June and ran through October 16.

Each heart sculpture was unique, with each design created by a different Bay Area artist. Some of the hearts boasted a Danville theme with imagery ranging from oak trees to Mount Diablo others incorporated playful designs and motifs. 

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Heart created by Taiko Fujimura
Heart created by Sophia Lee
Heart created by Erin Colcord
Artist: Erin Colcord
Heart Information (PDF)
Artist: Rob Corder
Heart Information (PDF)
Heart created by Rob Corder
Entropy Lionheart at DCC Library
Lisa Hoffman Heart
Paula Kim's heart at Senior Center E. Prospect
Artist: Paula Kim
Heart Information (PDF)                                         
Sarah Lee's Heart with Hummingbird
Heart created by Megan Sara
Artist: Megan Sara      
Deborah Shea's Heart on East Prospect at Danville Chocolates
Heart Created by Speth
Heart Created by Ricky Watts
Heart Created by Jan Weiss
Mosaic Heart by Kappy Venezia at 233 Front Street VTAG
Suzanne Gayle's Heart for Hearts around Hartz
Julia Albo Heart At The Vine
Lee Burg Heart
Artist: Lee Burg
Heart Information (PDF)