Project Applications

  • Information Common to ALL Project Types 
    Examples: Permit Applications, Fee Schedules, Permit Process Information, Special Inspection and Observation Program agreement, etc.
  • Information Specific to Residential Projects 
    Includes information specific to R-3 and R-3.1 Occupancy Group projects and their associated U Occupancy Group projects.  These are single-family and duplex-residential projects.
  • Information Specific to Multi-Family Residential Projects
    R-2 Occupancy Group projects, with or without associated S or U Occupancy Group garages.  These are typically condominium or apartment projects.  They do not include hotels or motels.
  • Information Specific to Commercial Projects
    A, B, E, F, H, I, L, M, and S Occupancy Groups, including motels and hotels of R Occupancy Group.  This includes assembly, office, education, factory, hazardous, institutional, laboratory, mercantile, storage, clinics under OSHPD-3 regulations, and parking uses or facilities.  Tenant improvements to these uses are included in this category.