Permit Administration Services

Administrative Services

Permit Center Technicians provide the following development review services related to building permits:

  • Responds to permit status inquiries and general questions about permit processes
  • Records Management (imaging, researching, records requests, etc.)
  • plan review of small residential projects
  • Fee collection and issuing refunds (e.g., security deposits)
  • Permit initialization and Issuance (e.g., building permits, reroof permits, solar PV permits, pool permits, miscellaneous electrical, mechanical, or plumbing permits)
  • Monitoring applicant’s submittals of external approvals (e.g., Fire District, Health, BAAQMD, School District, Special Inspection Final Reports, Final Waste Management Report)
  • Permit application routing to all divisions
  • Coordination of Consolidated Plan Review Comments from all divisions

PERMIT APPLICATIONS AND Submittal Requirements

Prior to issuance of building permits, building and site construction drawings and supporting documents such as structural engineering design calculations, engineering reports, specifications and other required and related information are reviewed for compliance with applicable codes and design provisions. When the submitted items are determined to comply, building permits can be issued which are good for a specified amount of time. Additional requirements such as safety for fire and emergency response are required for some projects. For a list of submittal requirements, please refer to Project Type Specific Information.