Current Exhibit - From Sand to Silicon Chip: New Technology in Clay

From Sand to Silicon Chip: New Technology in Clay

The Village Theatre Art Gallery is pleased to start the New Year with an exhibit featuring examples of different applications in clay alongside detailed information on the process of how they were made and how they are used. The exhibit will be curated by, long time Bay Area resident, John Toki, who has had a robust career in the arts as an artist, an arts educator and lecturer and has been the recipient of many accolades and awards.

Visitors to this exhibition on New Technology in Clay, will be informed on the types of technology that have been used to advance clay, and learn how clay has been used to advance technology. One exciting example of technology that is to be included in this exhibit is a 3D Clay Printer. This modern printer will be installed and on display for the duration of the exhibition, with a live demonstration on opening night for gallery goers to marvel at.

Clay, a natural material found in the earth, has been employed by humans for thousands of years, manipulated first by hand to create a wide variety of objects, from household vessels for everyday use, to expressions in creativity such as vases with a narrative designs or figurines that depict animals or humans, or even in ancient times as clay burial boxes. In more recent years, clay and technology have interacted to advance one another. The development of technology like 3D printers and precisely calibrated kilns have led to nearly perfect renditions of objects that have been designed using computer programs, and the ability to mass produce them. Clay is also an important part of many technologies that may not be obvious, such as hip replacements, and the microchips in both our computers and our pets.

Art Show Article finished Clay Bust from 3-d printer3_4 angleThis exhibit will feature a comprehensive examination of the many uses of clay and how technology has been used to advance clay and vice versa. This supple but sturdy material found in the earth becomes long lasting and stands up to elements once fired in a kiln. John Toki will be at the reception along with exhibiting artists and engineers who will be available to answer questions. A date for a panel discussion will be announced in January as a separate event to take place during the exhibit period in the theatre adjacent to the gallery.

Exhibit dates are January 21, 2023-March 18, 2023 with an artists’ opening reception on Saturday, January 21 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at the Village Theatre Art Gallery located at 233 Front Street in Danville, CA. Complimentary refreshments will be served and as always, there is no admission cost to attend, and donations are always appreciated, open to the public.

For more information, contact Visual Arts Coordinator Marija Nelson Bleier at (925) 314-3460 or

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