• Parks

  • Park and recreational facilities and services are an important component of the quality of life in Danville.  The park facilities in Danville are currently provided by several public agencies and by the private sector.  Public agencies include the Town of Danville, U.S. National Park Service, California Department of Parks and Recreation, East Bay Regional Park District, San Ramon Valley Unified School District, and Contra Costa County.  Private sector organizations include private businesses, homeowner and neighborhood associations, and community based organizations. 


    Facilities owned and maintained by the Town have been developed to a standard that demonstrates the Town’s strong commitment to a high level of service delivery.  In addition to the 278 acres of active public parkland, almost 3,800 acres of the Town’s land area (33 percent of the total area within the Town limits (is in general open space or agricultural uses.  A significant portion of the open space is owned and managed by the East Bay Regional Park District.  Source: 2030 General Plan.