• Canine Unit (K-9)

  • The Town of Danville's K9 program has been active since February 2006 and the Danville Police Department is excited to welcome our 4th k9 team, Officer Emily Neabeack and Aik.   After a month of patrol training and another month of narcotics training, Aik and officer Neabeack are currently assigned to the Town of Danville's investigations division.

    Aik is a 3 1/2 year old Belgian Malinois from Holland. Often confused with German Shepherds, the Malinois looks slightly similar but is in fact a different breed. The Malinois are gaining popularity as service dogs nationwide. They are generally slightly smaller and leaner then German Shepherds. This ultimately leads to less pressure on the critical joints (elbows, hips, backs) and increases their working life.

    Aik's role as a Police K9 includes many functions. He has been trained to track subjects (from missing children to felonious suspects), find articles with fresh human scent, sniff for narcotics, search buildings, areas, and open spaces, apprehend suspects, and more. Usually the mere presence of a K9 will gain compliance out of otherwise unruly people. Aik also is a great public relations outlet and does dozens of demonstrations each year. As with many K9's, Aik can be very social in the right setting. 

    It is certain that the program will continue to see great success and Aik's career will be a bright one.

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