• Patrol

  •  Patrol is the largest unit within the Police Department, comprised of 16 officers and 5 sergeants.  Patrol officers work ten hour shifts Monday-Thursday or twelve hour shifts Friday-Sunday.  The Town is divided into three geographic areas called beats.  Each beat is staffed by an officer who is responsible for calls for service in that area.  A sergeant oversees each shift, and acts as the immediate supervisor for the officers working.


    These beats are established primarily on statistical data reflecting calls for service, combined with landmark and/or natural boundary characteristics, e.g. major roadways.  Additionally, the Patrol Unit manages the Canine Unit (K-9) program. 


    The protection of life and property is the Department's primary responsibility.  This is accomplished through a community policing philosophy that promotes the use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime.


    The police officer is the Department's representative to the community.  All department resources are centered around the line offcer.  The police officer maintains a leadership role in the commitment to community problem solving and the coordination of internal and external resources.