• LIVE SCAN / Fingerprinting

  • Fingerprinting

    The Danville Police Department does card and ink fingerprinting for adults and children by appointment only. Charges are $10.00 per card. Exact cash or checks only.

    LIVE SCAN Fingerprinting

    Danville Police Department also offers LIVE SCAN fingerprinting services. These are done by appointment only and a $30.00 roll fee is assessed. Other fees may be incurred if the agency requesting the live scan fingerprints does not have their own billing code. These fees pay for both Department of Justice and/or FBI processing. Please bring exact cash or personal check as form of payment.

    The following are typical total costs for live scans, these include the $30.00 roll fee plus DOJ and FBI charges:

    • Notary Public - Live Scan Fee $81.00 (subject to change)
    • Contractor License - Live Scan Fee $81.00 (subject to change)
    • Registered Nurse License - $81.00 (subject to change)

    If you have any questions please call 925.314.3700.