• Danville Hotel

  • Redevelopment of the Danville Hotel site includes the construction of approximately 37,500 square feet of new residential, retail and restaurant space. The residential portion of the project will consist of 16 for-sale second story residential units, ranging in size from 919 square feet to 1,440 square feet. The site is bordered by Hartz Avenue, Prospect Avenue, Railroad Avenue and Short Street. The two historically significant structures on the site, the Danville Hotel and McCauley house, will be preserved and restored as a part of the project.

    The project was approved at a joint meeting of the Heritage Resource Commission and Planning Commission on March 22, 2011.   Castle Companies, co-owners of the Danville Hotel site, have submitted building, engineering, architectural and landscape plans for building permit review. 



    Project updates are available on the Town's Danville Improvements website; and  information on future plans for the Danville Hotel site can be found on the Danville Hotel Webpage.