• Variance Submittal Requirements

    1. Completion of Planning Division application form.


    1. Payment of fee in effect at the time of application submittal, payable to the Town of Danville.


    1. A letter to the Planning Division identifying how the strict application of the zoning ordinance deprives the property of privileges enjoyed by others in the same zoning district. According to Section 30-6 of the Danville Municipal Code, the applicant shall have the burden of producing evidence to convince the Agency hearing the matter that all standards are met and the intent and the purpose of the applicable regulations and goals and objectives of the General Plan will be satisfied. Failure to satisfy this burden shall result in a denial.


    1. Site photographs showing topography, vegetation and landscaping, existing and adjacent structures.


    1. Site plan and diagrams; no larger than 24" x 36" if possible - three (3) copies required (folded to approximately 8 1/2" x 11").  Required data, as listed below and where applicable shall be included on the project plans. Please use as many separate sheets as necessary and combine data when possible:


      1. Exterior boundary lines of the property indicating easements, dimensions, and lot size.
      2. Label all adjacent streets and/or right-of-ways.
      3. Location, elevations, size, height, dimensions, materials, and proposed use of all buildings and structures (including walls, fences, sign, and lighting) existing and intended to be on the site.
      4. Distances between all structure and between all property lines or easements and structures.
      5. Any nearby buildings which are relevant to the application.
      6. All existing trees on the site giving type and location and any other significant plant material.
      7. Any existing significant natural features such as rock outcropping or water courses.
      8. Location, number of spaces, and dimensions of off-street parking spaces, loading docks, and maneuvering areas; indicate internal circulation.
      9. Pedestrian, vehicular, and service points of ingress and egress; driveway widths, and distances between driveways.
      10. Proposed landscaping; include quantity, location, varieties, and container size.
      11. Proposed grading plan (for sites having over 5 foot grade differential) showing direction and path of drainage on, through, and off the site; indicate any proposed drainage channels or facilities.
      12. Required and existing street dedications and improvements such as sidewalks, curbing and pavement.
      13. Other such data as may be requires to permit the Planning Director to make the required findings for approval of the application.
      14. Note scale (Scale: 1" = ________ feet) and north arrow on plans.
      15. Vicinity map indicating nearby cross street in relation to site (need not be to scale).


    Note:   Failure to provide the above information may result in a notice of incomplete application and suspension of processing until the submittal requirements are met.  Should you have any questions regarding information required in the application or specific data required to accompany a development plan application please contact the Planning Division.