• Grading

  • A Grading Permit is required if one or more of the following occurs:

    1. Moving more than 100 cubic yards of material.
    2. Construction of fill to support a structure.
    3. Any fill placed on a slope having a natural grade more than 5:1 (5 horizontal to 1 vertical).
    4. Any cut or fill slope left steeper than 3:1 (3 horizontal to 1 vertical).
    5. Any cut or fill greater than 3 feet at its deepest point measured vertically.


    A Grading Permit is not required for the following:

    1. An excavation for basements and footing of a building, retaining wall, swimming pool or other structures authorized by a valid building permit.
    2. Weed Abatement. Erosion control measures may be required if this creates adverse runoff potential and siltation.
    3. Landscape mounds.

    If you are still unsure if you need a Grading Permit review the Town Grading Ordinance or contact a Town grading inspector at 925-314-3310.