• Alarm Permit

  • The Town of Danville requires residences and commercial businesses with alarm systems to obtain and maintain an annual alarm registration permit and reimburse the Town for excessive false security alarms. The Town of Danville allows up to 1 false alarm within a calendar year with no charge. False alarm fines begin with the 2nd response.

    All residents and businesses with an existing or new alarm system were required to obtain an Alarm Users Permit with the Town of Danville.  There is no charge for this permit.   Alarm User Permits will be valid for 1 year.  

    The Alarm Users Permit will be available at https://danvilleca.citysupport.org 

    Homes and businesses with valid Alarm User Permits will be allowed one false alarm response per year without incurring any false alarm response fees. Homes and businesses without Alarm User Permits will be fined $25 for the first false alarm response.


    Alarm fee information:


    • Initial Alarm User Permit: $0
      • Must be obtained within 30 days after the alarm installation
    • Annual Alarm Permit Renewal: $0
      • Must activate permit each year
    • Second False Burglar Alarm* $50
    • Third False Burglar Alarm* $150
    • Fourth or more False Burglar Alarm* $300
      • *(Within a calendar year period)


      Inquiries can be made at (888) 865-9770 or danvilleca@citysupport.org


    Please see the Alarm FAQ page for more information.