• Alarm Permit

  • The purpose of the Town’s alarm ordinance is to encourage alarm users to maintain the operational reliability and proper use of alarm systems and to reduce or eliminate false alarms.  False alarms require a considerable amount of time, resources, and expenses each year to the Town.  They can also pose a safety hazard to police officers and the general public.

    The ordinance governs systems intended to summon a police response, requires permits, establishes fees, provides for penalties for violations of false alarms, and establishes a system of administrating the program. Refer to ordinance #5-3

    How to Apply

    An alarm permit is required for every person or business installing and using an alarm system within the Town of Danville. A registration permit form may be:

    There is no fee for the alarm permit.  Permits are required to be renewed annually.

    False Alarms

    When police are dispatched to an alarm call, an event is generated.  If the alarm call is determined to be false by the responding officer due to human error or equipment problem, or there is no sign of criminal activity, a notification letter is sent to the alarm holder advising them of the alarm response.

    An alarm user shall be subject to warnings and fines depending on the number of false alarms the department responded to within a calendar year. The following schedule applies to false alarms:


    Number of False Alarms Action Taken Fines
    1 Warning Letter None
    2 Written Notice $50
    3 Written Notice $150
    4 and over Written Notice $300