• Shop Danville First Campaign

  • In April 2008, the Town Council adopted an update to the Danville Economic Development Strategy. One implementation measure of the Strategy included the development of a Shop Local First Marketing Program in collaboration with local business organizations such as the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Discover Danville Association.

    A recommended top priority implementation action was the development of a search-optimized web site that would serve as the primary marketing instrument for increasing the awareness of Danville and driving consumers to its business establishments. This web site was designed to portray Danville businesses to the world as one unified retail front. All advertising, publicity and marketing collateral is referred back to the web site, cross-linked with each individual shopping areas’ web sites as well as sites of individual businesses. The site also includes timely content including an events calendar.

    Local business owners and residents understand that shopping locally contributes to the health of the local economy. Research shows:

    1. More of what is spent here, stays here:  For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $45 stays in the local economy, creating jobs and expanding the community’s tax base. Local businesses employ an array of supportive services, from architects and contractors to local accountants and insurance brokers. 
    2. Personal Service:  Local businesses owners and employees often possess a level of expertise and a passion for the products they sell that is unmatched. Further, local business owners tend to have a greater interest developing a relationship with their clients to understand their needs, a personal service that is hard to find.
    3. Contribution to Distinctive Character:  Locally owned businesses are part of what creates our one-of-a-kind community.  Embrace what makes your community unique. Danville is a quaint town of historic charm of neighborhoods.
    4. More Diversity Leads to More Choices:  Local businesses typically offer products that are based on their interests and needs of the local customer rather than a national sales plan.  Patronage of local businesses helps ensure a competitive marketplace with a broad range of innovative products.  
    5. Community Investment:  Local businesses are generally owned by people who live in the community, who are typically committed to the future of Danville, and as such are more likely to contribute to local causes. 
    6. Less Waste, More Efficiency: Small neighborhood and downtown businesses require less public infrastructure and make more efficient use of community services compared to sprawling big-box stores and expansive shopping centers that require extensive roadway capacity, as an example.

    The decisions we make as it relates to where we shop, where we eat, and where we grab our morning coffee … are all small but powerful actions that help keep Danville the unique community we all enjoy and are proud to show off to visitors. Please visit the ShopDanvilleFirst.com website for more information about businesses in Danville.