• Retail Incentive Programs

  • Retail Marketing, Promotion and Improvements

    An Incentive Program for Danville Retail Businesses

    Danville’s shops and restaurants are an integral part of the authentic Danville experience that attracts both locals and consumers from the regional market area. The Town of Danville, in partnership with the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce, has launched a “Danville In Style” campaign to tie together all the diverse retail business interests under one umbrella to project the strength, stability and uniqueness of our town’s retail options.

    To further implement this campaign, and to provide enhanced support of Danville’s retail sector during these challenging economic times, the Danville Town Council approved a Retail Retention and Promotion Incentives Program (“Retail Incentives Program”) on March 3, 2009.


    A. Retail Retention: Marketing and Promotion Incentives

    Grant funding is available to all Danville retail1 businesses located in commercial districts for professional

    marketing consultation, the creation of a marketing strategy and implementation of this strategy. Grant

    funding is also available to retail centers or areas for the development of cooperative advertising to promote

    its retail merchants.

    B. Retail Expansion: Retail Façade Improvements and Fee Waivers

    Recognizing that Danville has an opportunity to assist new and existing retailers in the downtown core2

    with physical improvements, grant funding is available to all Danville retail businesses located in the

    downtown core for façade design consultation, façade improvements and fee waivers to help implement

    these improvements. The Town is also offering the services of a “Business Concierge” to help facilitate the

    processing of all necessary permits.

    C. Modified Zoning Requirements

    In response to requests for more outdoor seating and increased promotional signage, the Town is offering,

    for a specified period of time, some changes to zoning requirements that will bolster traffic and engage the

    consumer with an appealing street presence.