• Business License Fees

  • All Business serving or conducting business in Danville must have a Business License. This includes: Contractors, Services, or Construction pulling a TOWN OF DANVILLE of permit; and, Vendors of the TOWN OF DANVILLE (Consultants, Services, Instructors, & etc).

    The Yearly License fee is $100 plus $10 per employee per year plus $1 state fee (SB1186).

    If you have part-time workers: count 1 employee = for every 35 hours/week.

    The fiscal year for a business license is July1-June30.

    New businesses that start during the year are prorated as follows:

    • July thru September 100% of license fee plus $1 state fee
    • October thru December 75% of license fee plus $1 state fee
    • January thru March 50% of license fee plus $1 state fee
    • April thru June 25% of license fee plus $1 state fee

    Home businesses must also submit a Home Occupation Application with the Business License Application.

    Yearly fees are due by July 1st. Penalty charges of 25% of billed amount will be assessed on August 1st and interest at 1-1/2% will be added each month after September 1st.

    Additional Charges:

    • $25 Transfer of license or location
    • $25 Lost license/duplicate license