• Starting A Business

  • In the heart of the San Ramon Valley, centrally located along the Interstate 680 corridor in the East Bay with convenient access to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Danville is the perfect location to start, grow and thrive a restaurant, retail, and service or start-up entrepreneur business. Danville provides a unique balance of upscale amenities and small town charm, making it an excellent environment for a successful, growing business. Danville's goal is to promote and encourage a vibrant, diverse, and healthy local economy, within an appropriate scale and character as a means of supporting an outstanding quality of life for all Town businesses and residents while strengthening local economic commerce.



    Where do you plan to operate your

    The Town’s Zoning Ordinance helps insure that businesses are located in appropriate and compatible districts.  Please be sure to verify that your business is permitted in the desired location. If the business will be operating within a residential area, you may need a Business License information .

    Please contact our Planning Staff at (925) 314-3310 or Planning@danville.ca.gov for more information.


    Making improvements to your business space?

    Will it involve just paint or something that might be more involved (changes to the lighting, plumbing or wall systems)?  These more significant changes would require a Building Permit to insure consistency with current Building and Fire Code requirements.

    Please contact our Building Services Staff at (925) 314-3330 or Building@danville.ca.gov for more information.



    Planning to display a sign?

    The Town’s adopted Sign Ordinance (Section 32-98) helps to assure attractive and architecturally compatible signage within Danville’s commercial areas.
    If your business is located within a shopping center, please be aware that there may also be other parameters that apply.  Be sure to check with your property management company.

    Please contact our Planning Services staff at (925) 314-3310 or Planning@danville.ca.gov for more information or to discuss the applicable Town’s Sign Ordinance requirements and (if applicable) specifications for a shopping center’s



    Don’t Forget the Business License 

    An active Business License is required for any business that operates in Danville.  The funds from this fee help provide a wide range of business promotion activities.  A business that operates out of a residence will also need a Home Occupancy permit

    For more information, check out the Business License information or contact our Finance staff at (925) 314-3312.


    Help Us Promote You!

    The Town operates a separate business promotion web site, www.ShopDanvilleFirst.com, designed specifically to promote Danville businesses within commercial districts.  To be featured on this website, be sure to fill out the “Shop Danville” section on your Business License Form. 

    If you need help listing your business on the ShopDanvilleFirst web site, contact the Business Concierge at (925) 314-3369 or jbergman@danville.ca.gov   


    Consult our Business Concierge

    The Town is your implicit business partner, and offers a range of services including:

    • Retail Incentives Program (Retail Stimulus):  Grants for marketing efforts and façade improvements for retail businesses in Danville.   Contact the Economic Development Manager  and Business Concierge for more information at (925) 314-3369 or jbergman@danville.ca.gov   
    • Resources for Success: A go-to resource guide to all business related support services that you may need.
    • Economic Development Program : A program of business promotion strategies designed to strengthen Danville’s local economy.