• Instructors

  • The Town of Danville offers recreational classes for all ages and abilities on a quarterly basis. The Town is looking for enthusiastic, qualified instructors to teach a variety of different class and programs.

    If you are interested in teaching a course, please fill out a New Contract Instructor Application and Course Proposal (linked here). Once the application and proposal have been submitted you will be contacted by a Program Coordinator/Supervisor.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is an independent contract instructor? Town of Danville instructors are independent contractors. An independent contractor creates their own curriculum, provides their own supplies and staffing. In addition, they set their own hours and budget and are entirely responsible for submitting an invoice to receive payment.

    How are instructors paid? The Town of Danville offers a 60/40 split on resident registration fees. Instructors receive 60% of the resident fee after the class is complete.

    When are class offered? The Town offers classes in four distinct sessions. Instructors must submit a proposal for each session they would like to teach before the deadlines listed.